Customer Service Superstars

Recognizing Our Employees
for Their Excellent Customer Service

The staff at Newton Health Care Center goes above and beyond every day to provide exceptional customer service to our Residents. Every month, IDE MANAGEMENT GROUP recognizes an employee who was nominated by a Resident family or colleague for amazing care they provide. Below are employees from Newton Health Care Center who one the award. If you know of a staff emember who provides exceptional customer service, nominate them today! Contact Katie Kuhn at (515) 745-2411 for more details.


Superstar Name: Donna White September 2017
Nominator:Certified Nursing Assistant
Meet our Superstar, Donna White, Certified Nursing Assistant! Donna has been putting our residents first since December 2016, and has made a positive impact on their lives. Donna’s positive, sweet attitude is a welcome treat every day she works. She’s self-motivated and loves participating in our activities. During our Annual State Fair week, she was helping the residents have fun. We had a resident who had been with us for 10 months, Donna came in on her day off to say goodbye to her. The resident really appreciated the gesture. She has been helping with showers and you see her all over the building helping answer call lights. She is a true team player. Donna is going to school for nursing, we are proud of her!!


Superstar Name: Amanda Bruce August 2017
Nominator:Dietary Cook
We are proud to name Amanda Bruce, Dietary Cook, as our August Superstar. Amanda has been with Newton Health Care Center for 7 years come November. She has an infectious smile and can do attitude. Her sparkling personality makes the residents and her co-workers laugh! She cares for the residents as family. She gets to know their food likes and dislikes and will help educate new staff. Amanda is honest and passionate about caring for and loving the residents!


Superstar Name: Suzie Jurgensen July 2017
We are proud to name Suzie Jurgensen as our Superstar for July. She is an excellent nurse, truly caring and always smiling. Suzie is a sassy lady! Over a weekend in June, a family (Jarnagin’s) was visiting their father (Bob), “she was wonderful, very understanding, knowledgeable and compassionate”. Suzie will help with all admissions, whether they are going to her hallway or not. She will come in for a couple of hours on her days off to help file; before we were paperless, she would help set up the MARS/TARS for the next month. Kenndrea states, “Suzie is a kind, thoughtful, dedicated nurse. She handles obstacles in her day in a calm, collected style.” Kylie and Mikie state, “Suzie has been an asset to NHCC by picking up shifts, staying over to help on the night shift. Her big smile and laugh always brightens a room.” She is going back to school to get her RN degree; her classes start in August. We are very proud of her and are honored to have her as a part of our team!


Superstar Name: Samantha Parsons June 2017
Nominator:Housekeeping Aide
We are proud to nominate Samantha Parsons, Housekeeping Aide, for our June Superstar. Samantha has not been a part of the team long but she has made a positive impact. She has a very upbeat personality, has a smile for every resident. Samantha goes above and beyond when cleaning an area, she is very thorough. She takes pride in her work and it shows with fresh smell of the building and gleaming surfaces. Barb, C.N.A., stated "Sam goes above and beyond her duties. She is always moving, says hi to everyone, great with the residents & fellow team members." She will help answer call lights and report to the appropriate aide what the resident needs.


Superstar Name: Virginia McCuen May 2017
Nominator:Dietary Aide
We are proud to nominate Virginia McCuen, Dietary Aide, for our May Customer Service Superstar. Virginia has been serving our residents since February 2011. She's a reliable, conscientious worker. What makes her special is how much she cares for our residents and her fellow staff members. One of the ways she shows her love is with her "Petty Zoo", she and her husband have a wide variety of animals they bring in for the residents to enjoy. Her dog, lizards, rats, bunnies, snakes; you name it she probably has it. We have recently started open dining, she has stepped in and "taken charge" during this new process. A few weeks ago, on the weekend, Virginia took orders, served food and made sure everyone was happy. Thank you Virginia, you are a great asset to our team!


Superstar Name: Lori Odem, April 2017
Nominator:Laundry Aide
We are proud to nominate Lori as our Superstar for the Month of April. She is devoted and hardworking, and displays respect for all of our residents. Lori always displays a positive attitude and a smile. Her supervisor, Jaci, says she stays busy, and is a self-starter. Kim in Human Resources says she is very dependable. A couple of C.N.A.s say how nice she is to work with. She delivers the laundry timely and with a "Hello, how are you today" attitude. Lori is willing to help in any capacity, she will help answer call lights. Alex, C.N.A., states Lori is a big help on the weekends.

Kalie Winningham CMA