Newton Events

Monthly Dementia Support Group- Meets Third Thursday of Every Month - Click Here for Details

12/1 – Kid Time, Games and Music 1pm-4pm
12/3-Gospel Music by Dave Gray, 10am
12/3-Bible Study by Carl Deutsch, 4pm
12/4-Pet Therapy with Joey, 10am
12/4-Christmas Jeopardy, 10:15am
12/4-Resident Council Meeting, 3pm
12/5-Music with Mike Lazano, 10am
12/6-Order Chinese for Lunch, 12pm
12/6-Decorating for Christmas & Cookie Exchange, 1pm-4pm
12/7-Music by John Schumake,10am
12/7-Christmas Carolers, 11:30am
12/7-Button Christmas Tree Craft, 2:30pm
12/8-Manicures & Make-Overs for Christmas Party, 9am-12pm
12/8-Christmas Music by Mark Challis, 2pm
12/8-Blue Moons & Munchies, 3pm
12/9-Resident & Family Christmas Party! 3pm-5pm
12/10-First Baptist Church Services, 2pm
12/11-Bowling, 10am
12/11-Making Gingerbread Houses, 1:45pm
12/12-Wear your Christmas Pajamas Day!
12/12-Jolly Holiday Lights Outing! 7pm
12/13-Christmas Music by Rear View Mirror, 2pm
12/13-Monthly Birthday Bash with Homemade Ice Cream! 3pm
12/14-Waffle Bar Luncheon, 12pm
12/14-Jewelry Show by Julia, 2pm-4pm
12/15- Kid Time, Games and Music 1pm-4pm
12/15-Wear your Ugly Sweater Day!
12/18-Christmas Music by Jerry & Mert
12/18-making Oreo and Peppermint Fudge, 1:45pm
12/18-Wooden Angels Craft, 2:30pm
12/19-Christian Bible Study with Kay Norcross, 10am
12/19-Wreath Ornaments Craft, 3pm
12/20-Outing to Montana Mike’s & Shopping, 11am
12/20-Music by Skunk River Band, 7pm
12/21-Making Egg Nog Bars, 10am
12/21-Hot Chocolate, Treats, & Trivia, 2:30pm
12/22-Christmas Bingo Game, 10am
12/22-Soup Luncheon, 12pm
12/22-Christmas Movie “It’s a Wonderful Life!”, 2pm
12/25-Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!
12/26-Making Peppermint Patties, 1:45pm
12/26-Spool Snowflakes Craft, 2:30pm
12/27-Outing to Walmart & Pizza Ranch, 10am
12/28-Christmas Music by Paul Davis, 2pm
12/29-New Year’s Party & Bingo, 2pm